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  • Remote technical support is the fastest way to receive assistance on a wide array of day to day issues. Most general support issues can be resolved efficiently and conveniently over the phone and/or Internet. Whether you just have a quick question, have run into a problem while traveling, or simply need fast help, we have support personnel who can help you through most any technical support issue. Remote support offers:

    • Affordable hourly rates
    • Emergency rate options available
    • Cost-effective support subscriptions

    Remote support utilizes a tiered fee structure, based on the level of support required.

    Tier 1 Support includes:

    • General questions and troubleshooting
    • Simple desktop hardware and software issues
    • Desktop/Workstation software installations and support
    • PC connectivity issues

    Tier 2 Support includes:

    • Advanced problem solving and support of business systems (i.e. business applications, network equipment, servers, etc.)
    • Advance software and hardware setup, configurations, or support
    • Widespread connectivity issues
    • And more...
  • Onsite technical support is available in select markets, providing dedicated support by highly competent resources. Onsite assistance is often preferred for a more personal experience and/or for more complex issues, enabling a more rapid resolution.

    Ideal for the support of:

    • Extensive troubleshooting
    • Elaborate hardware and software issues
    • Complex voice and telephony
    • Extensive networking
  • Experience all cloud hosting has to offer, while resting easy knowing it's all being monitored and managed with enterprise-level experience from GadgIT Solutions.

    • Affordable, customized pricing structures
    • Lower TCO and increased ROI
    • Nearly 100% uptime
    • Reliable backups and disaster recovery
    • Eliminate hardware costs
    • Protected with 24x7 Monitoring
    • Maximized performance
    • Access systems from anywhere, any time
  • The experience and professionalism of GadgIT Solutions can deliver professional services that truly partner with your business, ensuring your goals and initiatives are met as expected. We have extensive experience in managing technology projects of all shapes and sizes and implementing even the most complex hardware and business systems.

    Whatever the need - system replacement, infrastructure implementation, cost savings initiatives, business relocation, and more - we have the expertise to ensure your project is executed as smooth as possible, and focused on realizing the returns you're expecting.

    • Project Management
    • Process and Workflow Optimization
    • System design and implementation
    • Software Development
    • Business and Technology Planning
    • Documentation Services
  • The information below illustrates many of the fee structures around the services GadgIT Solutions provides. This can be used as a guide in cost expectations.

    Base Support Rates
    Remote Support, Tier 1 $28 per hour
    Remote Support, Tier 2 $42 per hour
    Onsite Support $87 per hour
    Emergency/Expedite $99 per incident

    Support subscription plans are available to enable more readily-available support of most issues, and allow for advanced support when needed. This provides a more cost-effective way of managing your support relationship, and each plan includes committed response times, ensuring help is available when you need it.

    Support Subscription Plans**
    Plan Remote, Tier 1 Remote, Tier 2* Onsite* Committed Response Monthly Rate
    Silver unlimited 4 hours (per month) not included 48 hours $89
    Gold unlimited 8 hours (per month) not included 24 hours $129
    Gold Plus unlimited 8 hours (per month) 4 hours (per month) 24 hours $199
    Platinum unlimited unlimited not included 24 hours $149
    Platinum Plus unlimited unlimited 4 hours (per month) 24 hours $219
    * Additional support exceeding allotted hours is billed at base rates. Hours do not roll over month to month.
    ** One-year commitment term required.

    Professional services work will always be accompanied by a signed and agreed-to Statement of Work. The rates below are examples of rates that are often included in these projects.

    Typical Professional Services Rates
    Project Management $95 per hour
    Servers & Infrastructure $120 per hour
    Software Development $185 per hour
    Other Services $105 per hour

    Managed Cloud Hosting

    Hosting rates are customer-specific and vary widely based on individual requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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